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Atwoli calls President Uhuru to explain hiked fuel prices

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  • COTU boss Francis Atwoli asks President Kenyatta to explain hiked fuel prices.
  • EPRA on September 14 increased fuel by KSh7.10 per litre of petrol, KSh9.90 for diesel and KSh11.36 for kerosene.

Central Organization of Trade Union has this morning called out the government for hiked fuel prices amid a pandemic.

Its Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has called upon President Uhuru to explain the move to Kenyans.

“As COTU we would like to remind His Excellency the President that Kenyan workers are suffering and that he should not tolerate the impunity, punishment and the affront towards Kenyan workers by bodies such as EPRA,” Atwoli said.

He insists the Head of State should “come out and make a statement on this unfair perpetual increase in fuel prices.”

Atwoli on workers’ woes

The COTU Sec Gen says a rise in fuel costs will create a domino effect on essential and basic commodities. Sympathizing with Kenyans, Atwoli further says that this has come at a time where many workers are facing heavy taxation and pay cuts as a result of COVID-19.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Tuesday, September 14 increased the prices of fuel in what has been recorded as a historic raise. They attribute this rise to increased price of landed petroleum products.

The products increased by 0.72 per cent for petrol, diesel by 4.81 per cent and kerosene by 0.96 per cent.

Effectively, costs have gone up by KSh7.10 per litre for petrol, KSh9.90 for a litre of diesel and KSh11.36 for kerosene.

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