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Mother, 50, dies while begging police officers to help with “indisciplined” daughter

In Summary

  • The 50-year-old mother made her daughter frogmarch to Salama Police Station over indiscipline.
  • DCI urges students to follow their parents’ and teachers’ counsel to avoid such incidents.

A 50-year-old woman has died after collapsing while pleading with police officers to help reform her teenage daughter.

Consolata Mutua “frogmarched her daughter to Salama Police Station, Makueni County, accusing her of bad behaviour,” DCI says.

The mother claimed her daughter did not return home during the school holidays. “As she begged our officers to intervene so that her daughter mends her ways, she became emotionally overwhelmed and collapsed,” the investigative agency adds.

Police officers to the rescue

Officers at the station and a well-wisher tried in vain to resuscitate her through first aid. She was rushed to Kilungu sub-County Hospital where she passed away.

DCI urges students to take heed of their teachers’ and parents’ counsel to avoid such incidents.

“Religious leaders are equally called upon to take their rightful role in guiding and mentoring young adults, to becoming responsible adults in future,” DCI adds.

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