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Pupil, 15, arrested in connection to death of caretaker he fought with

In Summary

  • The farm caretaker warned the boy against trespassing, although the confrontation escalated into a fistfght.
  • Liboyo was found dead in his house and was bleeding.

Police in Nandi County are holding a 15-year-old boy over alleged involvement in murder of a farm caretaker.

While heading home from school on Monday evening, the Class Seven pupil reportedly trespassed into a tea and beans plantation that is under the care of Jackson Liboyo Kaderathe.

Liboyo, 44, is said to have confronted the pupil and warned him against encroaching on the farm.

Area Assistant Chief Philip Magut, confirming the incident, said that the pupil did not walk away and instead got into a fistfight with Liboyo.

“The boy picked a stone from the farm periphery and hit Kadera on his forehead,” Magut told journalists.

Caretaker’s demise

Liboyo reportedly collapsed but received first aid and regained consciousness. He was, however, found dead in his house on Tuesday.

“He was lying in a pool of blood. It seems, even after the fight, the bleeding continued, and this could have led to his demise,” the local administrator added.

Police arrested the teenager from school and took him to Singhor Police Station.

“He will be presented to court once the police conclude the investigation,” Tindiret OCPD Abdulahi Jire says, adding that the boy is a key suspect in the caretaker’s death.

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