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Willie Kimani murder: Four police officers to know their fate Monday as 46 witnesses testify

In Summary

  • DPP says they have closed the Willie Kimani murder case, after presenting 46 witnesses.
  • Ngugi, who was present at the scene of crime, says they debated whether to execute or release Kimani, Mwendwa and Muiruri.

Accused persons in the murder of Lawyer Willie Kimani will know whether they have a case to answer or not on Monday.

“Prosecution has today closed its case in the Willie Kimani murder case after presenting 46 witnesses,” the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) says.

In the case that has dragged for five years now, Justice Jessie Lesit will rule whether the accused, Administration Police officers Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Cheburet, Sylvia Wanjiku and Leonard Mwangi and police informant Peter Ngugi will be charged.

The deceased lawyer alongside his client – a motorbike rider Josephat Mwendwa and his driver Joseph Muiruri were allegedly killed on June 23, 2016, in Mlolongo, Machakos County.

At the time of death, Kimani was representing Mwendwa who was seeking justice over alleged police brutality.

Kimani’s abduction

In 2019, Ngugi gave a chilling confession before a court of how the murders were planned and executed by the four police officers “on a vengeful mission”.

The police informant, in a 21-page confession, narrated to the court how the three victims were trailed as they left Mavoko Law Courts, abducted, brutally murdered before their bodies were dumped in Ol Donyo Sabuk River.

“The first victim who was the main target [Mwendwa] was killed using a polythene bag and a rope. His body was stashed in a sack and put in a boot. At around 11 pm, the second victim was taken to a different corner and killed in the same style.

“After he died he was put in two sacks because he was tall and couldn’t fit in one sack. His body was then taken to the boot. The third one was strangled to death using a rope and polythene bag,” the court heard.

Chief Inspector Clement Mwangi told the court in Tuesday’s hearing that the three were abducted a few metres from Mavoko Law Courts and bundled into the trunk of a Nissan Wingroad belonging to one of the officers.

The four are being represented by Lawyer Cliff Ombeta.

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