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Form Three student busted selling rolls of bhang in school

A Form Three student in Seme, Kisumu County, was on Thursday arrested after he was caught peddling bhang to fellow students.

Teachers at Rapogi Mixed Secondary School in Kombewa, Seme sub-County, reportedly caught the student selling marijuana sticks to his colleagues. They promptly notified the police, leading to the arrest.

According to West Seme Location Chief Nicholas Oguma, they responded quickly to the teachers’ call and busted the student with 11 rolls of bhang.

Upon interrogation, the boy revealed the place where he allegedly got the illegal drugs from.

True to his words, over 700 rolls of bhang and 14 litres of chang’aa and kangara were seized at a woman’s house during a sting operation led by Chief Oguma.

The woman and the student are in custody, pending arraignment.

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