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Utakula ‘nyaunyo’! Furious woman ambushes husband in town for splashing money on side chicks

In Summary

  • Jamila Musa quit her security guard job and bought a boda boda for her husband.
  • She claims he has been spending all his money on other women and failing at his duties.

A plumber in Kabarnet town, Baringo County, on Friday fled after he was publicly ’embarrassed’ by his wife for allegedly neglecting his duties.

Jamila Musa ambushed her husband Jonathan Boit at the busy town, armed with a rubber whip, popularly known as nyaunyo, ready to “teach the husband a lesson.”

In an interview with TV47 Digital, the mother of two says that she saved up some money while working as a security guard to buy her husband a motorbike. The motorbike was meant to ease his transportation in executing his plumbing deals.

“The motorbike was supposed to reduce the cost of paying motorbike fees when ferrying heavy equipment, and would save time in moving from one client to another,” she says.

Jamila says that to further sustain the well-being of their young family, the husband was to double up as a bodaboda operator when plumbing deals are down.

The couple then agreed that Jamila would quit her job and become a stay-at-home mother.

A womaniser with desire to spend

The woman is now crying foul that instead of Boit concentrating on taking care of the family, he resorted to engaging in drinking sprees with women, spending all his money.

An irked Jamila has vowed to teach the women her husband spends money with a lesson if she gets hold of them.

“Any woman found with him will assume the responsibility of being the wife,” she adds.

The husband is said to have fled to an unknown location, to avoid washing the family’s dirty linen in public.

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