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“Nyoro, Wamatangi and Kabogo are scared of me,” cocksure Muturi wa Nduthi says he’ll be Kiambu governor

In summary

  • Muturi wa Nduthi: “If people call Nyoro ,Wamatangi and Kabogo formidable then i’m extra formidable myself.”
  • Muturi wa Nduthi says one of the ‘big names’ reached out and tried to get him to drop his candidacy by offering him money. He rejected the offer

Erick Mungai alias ‘Muturi wa nduthi’, who hails from Ruiru township in Kiambu County, is a former bodaboda operator with big plans.

The bespectacled yet down-to-earth businessman takes pride in being the first person to buy a scooter bicycle in Gatongora, Kiambu County.

The Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Enterprise and Management) degree holder says “he knows what it feels to be hopeless, broke and even lack food.” His story, he says, is an amazing tale of a typical Kenyan youth’s resilience and success against all odds.

The firing, a resignation and a failed business

After completing college in 2013, just like most graduates, he found himself looking for employment. He was fortunate to land one at Community Wildlife Service in Langata. But three months down the line, he handed in a resignation letter, citing an overall feeling of unfulfillment.

In a one-on-one interview with TV47 Digital, Muturi shares an incident when as a jobless man, he found himself short of KSh10 for bus fare from Nairobi CBD to his home. A heated argument ensued with the conductor. The donda would dismiss Muturi’s pleas of not having any means out, arguing that “tumezoea hizo stori, tunaziskianga sana.”

This is when reality dawned on him… it is impossible to survive without money, especially in Nairobi. He decided to venture into real estate as an agent of an unnamed company that was selling land to Kenyans. Unfortunately, he was fired unceremoniously without pay after two months.

Muturi, who also has a CPA certificate, decided to roll up his sleeves and decided to join the bodaboda industry. In the year 2017, he set up a motorcycle parts shop but it went under after two years.

His political Journey

The former Egerton University student was a choir member in the  Christian Union. However after a short stint, an official from the club pointed out to him that  he could not sing. This prompted him to try out drama club. A string of successful plays propelled him to fame. To capitalise on his newfound popularity, he vied for the students union’s presidency.

Muturi became the first Kikuyu to successfully run for the seat. As fate would have it, the once rejected voice had become “The voice for the voiceless.”

Inspiration behind Kiambu politics

The proud father of two says that he has an opportunistic instinct derived from his entrepreneurial mindset. He explains that this has transcended his leadership style where he was able to identify the needs of his people in Kiambu County.

In 2012, he ran for the Kiambu County senatorial seat on a TNA ticket while still a student leader at Egerton.

His campaigns, however, came to a screeching halt when he came in third during the party primaries. He was impressed and emboldened by what he terms as a ‘fair outcome’ for a newbie.

Muturi wa nduthi in a recent adress to the press.PHOTO/COURTESEY
Eric Muturi flanked by a section of his legion of supporters. PHOTO/COURTESY

His chances of winning.

The 34-year-old exudes confidence in carrying the day. To explain his certainty, he says Kiambu residents are tired of the old leadership, same faces and they are looking for fresh minds that can add value to their lives.

“People are looking for relatability,…and if a candidate has their best interest at heart. I possess all these!” He adds.

While asked to rate his chances against the formidable opponents, he states that they are scared stiff.

“If people call Nyoro ,Wamatangi and Kabogo formidable then I’m extra formidable myself.”

He confides that one of the ‘big names’ reached out and tried to get him to drop his candidacy and support him. He rejected the money offer citing betrayal to the people who had placed trust in him.

The youthful aspirant does not think finances will derail his political quest. He says he was on the campaign trail during the 2017 General Elections supporting one of the candidates, and he knows where funds come from since he was spearheading the process.

kiambu Health tourism revenue?

He decries the woeful health system in Kiambu County and has vowed to boost the hotel industry.

Instead of patients travelling abroad to seek treatment, he states his administration will work tirelessly to boost Kiambu’s health infrastructure to match the services sought in India and South Africa.

“I want the rest of the country to be coming to Kiambu for best treatment. The influx of patients and their family members will increase the demand for hotel accommodation, this will, in turn, translate to health tourism,” he explains

Muturi, who has on numerous occasions highlighted the predicament of youth – unemployment with evangelical zeal, is confident The Health Tourism Revenue will neutralize the plight.

Party ticket?

Muturi reveals that four political parties have approached his team and they are at an advanced stage of discussions. He will be announcing the party and a running mate in three-months time.   

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