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Nakuru children murders: Police boss narrates the shocking incident

In Summary

  • The bodies of the two children aged 5 years and 3 years were found in a separate bedroom.
  • The doctor has since regained consciousness and is talking to police.

Details regarding the gruesome incident in which a Nakuru doctor killed his two children before attempting to take his own life are beginning to emerge.

This morning, family members and friends of Dr James Muriithi Gakara declined to speak to journalists from TV47 and Citizen TV when they visited the apartment block in Milimani area, Nakuru town, where the incident happened.

But speaking to TV47 Digital on phone, Nakuru County police commander Beatrice Kiraguri narrated how the incident that has left many people in shock occurred.

“At around 9:30pm last night, we received a distress call from one of the houses at the apartment block. The caller said he suspected something horrible was taking place in one of the houses.”

Police Break Door

Police officers went to the apartment block. Upon knocking on the door, there was no response as it was locked from inside. The officers broke down the door. “The officers found the doctor lying on the bed unconscious and the two children already dead in a separate bedroom,” she says.

“We suspect that the children were injected with poisonous medicine as we found an assortment and used syringes at the scene. There’s also a possibility that others were ingested.”

The victims, whose names are yet to be released were a boy aged 5 years and a girl, 3 years. Their mother, who is also a doctor, allegedly had an argument with the children’s father before she left for Nairobi.

The police boss says they also recovered a well-sharpened knife in the children’s bedroom. “This is indicative, probably, that if the children hadn’t died of overdose, the killer would have used the knife.”

Doctor Regains Consciousness

The unconscious doctor was rushed to hospital by the officers. “By this morning, he had regained consciousness and he has admitted to the act,” adds Kiraguri.

Earlier reports indicated that the doctor had argued with his wife over her desire to leave for further studies abroad. “She came back (from Nairobi) after being informed of the incident.”

The doctor who is now under police custody runs Optimum Current Hospital in Nakuru town.

“A post-mortem will be conducted to ascertain how exactly the children died- whether they were injected, or they ingested the drugs,” said Kiraguri. “We are holding the doctor and he will be charged for attempted suicide and the murder of the children.”

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