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Was Eastleigh bomb scare a hoax?

There is a scare at Yare Towers in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area after unknown people left a note claiming there was an explosive device in the building.

Bomb experts have already been deployed to the busy building as search for the explosive device is ongoing.

According to eyewitnesses, the note left in the lift was warning tenants to leave the building.

According to Starehe sub-County Police Commander Julius Kiragu, the search operation is ongoing, although no explosive device has been found in the five-storey building.

Apparently, the note said that the bomb had been programmed to go off anytime from 1 pm Thursday.

After the bomb threat, the building was cordoned off and bomb experts started searching the building.

According to area MP Yusuf Hassan, the experts did not get any explosive device.

“It was a hoax. I visited the neighborhood & talked to the residents. Life is back to normal, businesses have re-opened & Eastleigh is safe and secure. All is well,” he says.

However, investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the nature of the threat.

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