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Taliban ban stylish hairstyles and shaving beards

In Summary

  • Taliban officers said that Sharia Law must be followed when shaving and trimming beards.
  • Taliban marked the return of harsh punishment on Saturday after the Group’s fighters shot down four alleged kidnappers and hanged their bodies in the streets of Herat.

The Taliban have banned barbers in Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand from shaving and trimming beards.

Taliban’s director of information and culture Hafiz Rashed Helmand told local daily newspaper Etilaatroz that anyone violating the law will be punished as it breaches the Islamic law.

According to Helmand, the decision was made by the Taliban’s religious police during a meeting with barbershop owners in the province.

Some hairdressers in Capitol Kabul confirmed that they had received similar instructions. Taliban officers said that Sharia Law must be followed when shaving and trimming beards.

According to The Frontier Post, the order circulating on social media also contains a request not to play music or hymns on the premises of hairdressing salons.

Since the Taliban swept to power last month, Afghans have little cash to spare, a nightmare for barbers.

“Before, people came and asked for different hairstyles, but it’s simply not like that anymore,” a barber told The Frontier Post.

During the Taliban’s first stint in power from 1996 to 2001, the extremists banned flamboyant hairstyles and insisted men grow beards.

Yousefi, 32, another barber says he had to dramatically lower his prices — from $6 a cut to just $1 — to keep his shop running.

“Because of the Taliban situation, customers have less income and they pay us less,” he says.

He also said that after the Islamist hardliners took control of the country, “suddenly people like to make themselves look like the Taliban”.

“It’s not like the Taliban are fashionable, but people don’t shave their beards because the Taliban will stop and ask them about it.”

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