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“Nilichanga kwa ruracio yako” Willy Paul hits back at Mr. Seed over selfishness claims

In Summary

  • Willy Paul claims he attended Mr Seed’s traditional wedding and even contrbiuted.
  • He says he has even shared Mr Seed’s new songs, urging him to remain humble.

Artist Willy Paul has defended himself against Mr. Seed’s claims that he is egocentric and does not help fellow artists.

This is after Seed explained Willy Paul’s absence at his recent album launch dubbed “Black Child” at a local interview.

The much hyped event was held on September 13.

Seed alleged it was pointless to invite the Saldido Entertainment CEO, as he would not avail himself.

Mr. Seed, wife and child during his album launch. PHOTO/COURTESY

Willy Paul’s “selflessness”

In his defense, Willy Paul reminded the Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker that on various occasions, he supported him without expecting any returns.

“Wewe ni ndugu yangu ulisema kwamba sijawai kusaidia anyone…Kumbuka I came to your event pale Huruma free na sio hio tu. Ata kwa ruracio yako nikachanga and I was even present,” the songwriter began.

He went on to claim that when Seed and other artists were budding in the competitive industry, he “was a nobody.”

“Mlikua mnanichekelea and making fun of me… Sai that God made a way for me ndio wewe na wenzako mnaona ubaya wangu? Hii chuki yote ni ya nini? Is there something ur not telling me? Keep up the good work but tukue na heart poa coz hatujui ya kesho,” the I Do hitmaker said.

Earlier, Willy Paul announced he would be releasing his new album in a few days, hence some clout chasing will precede.

“Wacha tupige kiki za maana kidogo,hope mtaelewa,” he added.

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