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“I wanted to stab him then kill myself!”- Single mother of three after failed relationships

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  • “Night In With Joy” airs every Saturday at 8:30 pm.
  • On the recent episode, Margaret Muchoki, a single mother of three details how she got three children from failed relationships.

To move on from a failed relationship with one child is not easy, but with three from two different men is another thing altogether.

In a sit-down on TV47‘s ‘Night with Joy’, Margaret Wanjiku Muchoki says she has been through it all.

Muchoki first became pregnant while still living under her parents’ roof. Luckily, she had already completed her studies. But her then boyfriend disowned her. The boyfriend’s mother suggested that she procures an abortion.

Muchoki courageously decided to carry the baby.

Nearly two years on, she was involved in another relationship. Her new boyfriend promised to love her unconditionally alongside her child. Eventually, she proposed and they moved in together.

She says her new boyfriend changed when he learnt that she was pregnant. She says he suddenly “turned into a stranger”. They went their separate ways but reconciled with time.

It was not long after the re-union that Muchoki had another child. The union hit the rocks again, this time for good. Muchoki says her boyfriend and father of her two children left her. It was a slap in the face when she married her colleague and they got the child together.

Watch her full story here:

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