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Was it arson or accident? Two dead, hundreds left homeless in Mlango Kubwa fire

In Summary

  • More than 300 houses have been razed down by an early Friday morning fire in Nairobi’s Mlango Kubwa area.
  • Two people confirmed dead, several injured. The bodies have been taken to City Mortuary.

Two people have been confirmed dead and several others injured after fire ravaged Nairobi’s Mlango Kubwa informal settlements.

More than 300 homes went up in flames, rendering hundreds of residents homeless, as property of unknown value was destroyed in the early Friday morning fire.

Antony Matekwa, one of the affected residents says the fire started at around 1 am but they have no idea of what exactly caused it.

“We tried putting out the fire but our efforts were in vain. We had no water so we decided to use the sewerage water which didn’t offer any help either. The firefighters came late, our children no longer have uniforms because everything has been burnt. As parents, we don’t even have the money to replace the destroyed property. We don’t know what we will do.”

Investigations into cause of fire commence

The Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC), however, have contradicting data. According to MSJC, the fire that started around 1 am Friday swept through the slum from Mau Mau Road to the river.

MSJC also claims that the fire might not be an accident after all.

“Today morning, from about 1 am, a large fire swept through Mlango Kubwa, Mathare; from Mau Mau road to the river. Many houses were burned, 7 people died & others have injuries. Residents fear that this fire was not an accident,”says MSJC.

Starehe Deputy OCPD William Serengo says investigations to ascertain the cause of fire have commenced.

“So far, 2 people have been found dead and their bodies have been taken to City Mortuary,” he says.

The bereft residents are calling upon the government to come to their rescue and offer help to them.


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