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Artiste ’90K Ka MSoh’ reveals the inspiration behind his flashy costume

In Summary

  • Flashy artiste graced TV47’s breakfast show ‘Morning Cafe’ recently.
  • He says he draws inspiration from Michael Jackson and would like to reach similar stratospheric heights.

Simon Wachira Mwangi alias ‘90K Ka MSoh’, who hails from Membley, Kiambu County is a rising star with big plans.

The 25 year-old artiste has a bohemian demeanour that endears him to many. He commands a sensational following in his Mugithi music niche.

In an interview with TV47Digital, the ‘Mere Tu’ hitmaker narrates how he fled to Nairobi from a costume-lender at his hometown in Ol Joro Orok, Nyandarua County.

He was demanding KSh90,000 from him to replace three hats he had misplaced after borrowing a set of costumes for an event. This tussle was the inspiration behind his hit name,’90K ka Msoh’ (90K of Msoh). Msoh is colloquial for Muthoni, her mother’s name.

Vile nilikuja Nairobi niliteseka sana…nikitafuta jina, nilijiuliza nini ilifanya nikuje Nairobi. Izo kofia zilifanya I thought zlikua pesa ngapi hapo ndio nikajiita hio jina,” he says.

90K ka Msoh’s Inspiration

90K ka Msoh is a fan of the late Pop Michael Jackson. The ‘King of Pop’ etched a reputation for his flashy, shiny, attention-grabbing costume. Ka Msoh seeks to ape MJ, both in costume and success.

90K ka Msoh
Artiste 90K ka Msoh with his entourage comprising two female dancers and one drummer. PHOTO/TV47DIGITAL

The ambitious guitarist also plans on taking his talent global.

“I was planning to go to USA in December but due to winter, I’ll be heading there probably in April …I want to be an international artiste,” he says.

90K ka Msoh adds that he has embarked on a project that will highlight instances of social injustice through art. The pieces will be broadcast on YouTube.

The former aspiring journalist also doubles up as an agent for a land-buying/selling company.

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