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Chips vendor Bevalyne Kwamboka on Senator Omanga, father’s sickness and boyfriend of three years

In Summary

  • While setting the record straight, Bevalyne said that she did not receive any cash from Senator Omanga, contrary to a tweet that claimed she did.
  • She has appealed to KURA not to evict her from her current location, after the authority labeled the business as ‘illegal and an infringement to pedestrian rights.’

“Alight at the first footbridge from Donholm on your way to Pipeline,” reads a text message from Bevalyne Kwamboka to a TV47 Digital reporter.

Her positive take on life is contagious… this can be seen from her three male friends who are happily peeling potatoes. She turns to one of them and tells him, “were it not for the fact that I had a man…” commending him for a good job in peeling potatoes.

Of late, Kwamboka alongside nominated Senator Millicent Omanga have been the talk of town. Netizens first new her for running a street fries business, commonly known as ‘chipo mwitu’, with her signature short dresses.

She took advantage of the sudden fame asking people to donate an umbrella for her business.

Bevalyne Kwamboka poses for a picture with her chips clients at her business location on the first footbridge from Donholm on the way to Pipeline, Nairobi. PHOTO/TV47

Who’s riding on the other’s fame between you and ‘Mama Miradi’?

She is! Her people led by the personal assistant heed to my cry for an umbrella, and indeed I really appreciated it. However, they were out to mislead people when they posted pictures we had taken with many umbrellas and a sack of potatoes on social media.

The umbrellas were immediately returned to their prado leaving me with one umbrella despite me begging for another one for my sister. 10 minutes later, mheshimiwa posted, “Bevalyne Kwamboka is now sorted. Umbrella, cash and stock to boost her hustle. Mvua au jua haitamharibia biashara tena. Now let’s go eat those chips.”

“I wondered what money?” Upon asking the PA he told me the KSh350 he had spent buying the potatoes was the money she was talking about.

People upcountry believed I had been given millions even calling my parents to inform them and this is why I had to clarify on social media that I hadn’t received any money.

What would you like to tell the senator?

That I am not trying to pick a fight with her because I respect her as a leader and also as a parent. She is my mother’s age.

However, I know Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) terming my business illegal because of the location was you (Omanga) trying to flex your power.

Why sell fries while you have options?

“Wababa! Wababa! (Men! Men!) I have heard enough stories of sponsors killing young girls they were sponsoring. I do not want to be another statistic.

Business returns…

I get KSh1,900 to KSh3,000 per day. I only save for rent as I have many expenses. My parents depend on me to meet some of their financial needs. With my newly found popularity I am hoping to get endorsements from vegetable oil and tomato sauce companies to supplement my revenue.

I need the money as my father suffers from heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

You earlier mentioned that you had a man, someone we know?

(Amidst chuckles) he is on twitter and he has been very supportive. He supports me financially when I am broke. We have been together for three years and I will not leave him because of the small fame I have garnered.

He is the reason why trolls don’t get to me, he affirms me.

The 23-year-old is a fourth year student at Kenyatta University pursuing a Bachelors in Education.


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