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King Kaka opens up on misdiagnosis, wrong medication, weight loss

In summary

  • Secular artist King Kaka says a misdiagnosis caused him to suffer massive weight loss.
  • The rapper says he will not take action against the doctor or the hospital because he believes it was an honest mistake.

Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage name King Kaka has opened up about his recent health woes. This follows worrying photos of him appearing gaunt in a hospital bed surfacing on social media.

The ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ hitmaker reveals the darkest period of his life started four months ago when he was misdiagnosed by a local doctor and given wrong prescription.

In an interview with a local radio station, he narrated how the onset of his unexplained illness threw him into a shocking weight loss dive exacerbated by the misdiagnosis.

King Kaka’s weight journey

“A doctor misdiagnosed me, mwili ikaanza kujikula pole pole. Nilikuwa 85kgs but by the time nilikuwa naenda kulazwa hospitali nilikuwa 62kgs,” the artist said.

The rapper however pointed out he will not hold the doctor or hospital liable for the misdiagnosis saying he believed it was an honest mistake.

Mi huwanga mtu wa kusameheana sana, nikasema nitafute treatment kwingine. Makosa sometimes si mtu hupanga… Unasameheana unatafuta suluhisho kwingine,” Kaka adds.

Rapper King Kaka in hospital. Photo: King Kaka/Instagram

The singer who has released a song dubbed “Manifest”, says the situation has taught him to not take life’s blessings for granted.

Kila kitu ni blessings, kama unaweza kula, kuna mtu yuko mahali hosi hawezi ongea, kama unaweza tembea, ilifika mahali singeweza kutembea, niilingizwa hosi na wheel chair,” he added. 

Kaka disclosed that he is recuperating from the debilitating illness quite well, as he had gained weight. He is now at 74kgs from 62 when he was admitted to hospital.

“Tunapigana bado, niko na macheck-ups na madaktari, lakini niko nyumbani narecover. Maombi ya watu ndio itanisaidia, na imenisaidia,” he added. 

He is however yet to release details of his ailment.



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