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Wife stabs “violent” ex-military husband to death while he was calling 999, tells police ”I’d do it again”

In Summary

  • Penelope had worked in administration and accounts in the Royal Air Forces (RAF) thereafter joining the army where she met her husband who worked as a lieutenant colonel.
  • According to Penelope, her husband David Jackson, was abusive and borderline controlling

Penelope Jackson, a former military administrator, stabbed her 78-year-old husband in their Somerset home in Berrow, United Kingdom

According to Penelope, her husband David Jackson, who was a retired army lieutenant, was abusive and borderline controlling.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court heard that David managed to call 999 and told the operator that his wife had stabbed him and was screeching in pain whilst his wife allegedly plunged the knife into his chest for the final time.

“I’ve killed my husband, or tried to, because I’ve had enough. He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck,” said a calm and unperturbed Penelope.

She declined any requests from the operator to apply pressure to the wound in an attempt to save David’s life.

Victim’s wife on the 999 distraught call.

The 18 minute call recording was played in front of the jury, to which Penelope can be heard saying, “He’s got some holes in him.”

She went on saying, “He deserves everything he gets … I’ll accept everything that’s coming my way.”

Penelope a former military administrator who allegedly stabbed her husband to death.

After the call, the police were notified and arrested her. Whilst being led to the police car, the deceased’s wife with no remorse said, “I know what I’ve done and, if I’ve not done it properly, I’ll be really annoyed.” She said she hid a knife under her pillow.

Penelope had worked within the administration and accounts department in the Royal Air Force (RAF) before joining the army where she met her husband. At the time he worked as a lieutenant colonel.

In December 2020, police were called to their home after an altercation over a TV remote. Penelope allegedly told to the officers that she had locked her husband in their conservatory to calm him down but he busted his way out with the poker from their wood burning stove.

Penelope however denies murder. The ongoing  trial is expected to last three weeks, 

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