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Atwoli applies for exclusive rights to viral ‘Alaa! Alaa! Alaa! phrase

In Summary

  • You may soon have to get permission from or pay COTU boss Francis Atwoli to use the phrase ‘Alaa! Alaa! Alaa!’
  • Atwoli has applied to KIPI for exclusive rights to the phrase.

COTU boss Francis Atwoli now wants exclusive rights to the use of the viral phrase ‘alaaa! alaaa! alaaa!’. 

While writing to the applying to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), Atwoli wants anyone who wants to use the phrase to seek permission or pay him.

“Alaa has no English translation. It is more of a slogan, chant or an exclamation specific and attributed publicly to myself,” said Atwoli in his application.

The phrase originating from an interview in February 2021 where he was talking about the 2022 Presidential race.

After that, everyone started using the the word both offline and online. Many turned it to a meme.

Interestingly, it is not the first time he said a word and it went viral, looks like he has really mastered his art on the same.

If you are wish to challenge the move by Atwoli, you have until December 29 to do so. However, you will be required to part with 5,000 if you’re a Kenyan and 2,500 for a foreigner.

According to KKIPI, a trademark is a sign which serves to distinguish the goods of an industrial or a commercial enterprise or a group of such enterprises. The sign may consist of one or more distinctive works, letters, numbers, drawings or pictures, monograms, signatures, colours or combination of colours etc.

Registration of a trade mark is direct evidence of exclusive ownership in Kenya and helps keep off potential infringers who would be attempted to ride on the goodwill of your mark. It enables you to more easily protect your rights more easily in case someone challenged them since the burden is on the challenger to prove any rights in a dispute.


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