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Father of eight commits suicide after waking up to find wife’s “lover” in their bed

In Summary

  • The deceased returned home drunk and when he woke up at around 5 am he found another man in their bed.
  • He attempted to attack the “intruder” but his wife and the stranger ganged up on him.

A father of eight has committed suicide after allegedly waking up to find a stranger in their bed.

Geoffrey Omara, a peasant farmer in Lira District, Itek Sub County, northern Uganda allegedly returned home drunk on Tuesday evening only to wake up at 5 am and find a stranger lying next to his wife.

“When the deceased woke up, he attempted to fight the intruder but to his shock, the wife ganged up with the stranger and beat Omara badly,” Village Chairman Jimmy Opio said.

Opio further revealed that the deceased’s wife who sells local brew apparently ensured her husband was intoxicated so that she could bring in her “lover” to their house.

Suicide Attempt

An infuriated Omara allegedly rushed and consumed pesticide used for spraying cotton in a suicide attempt. He was rushed to Giftlife Clinic in Lira City where he died hours later.

While condemning the act, the village chairman advised men to regulate their drinking habits as it may lead to similar occurrences.

“Drink and go back home early otherwise you will be giving your wives an opportunity to commit adultery in your absence,” Opio added.

Itek Sub County Chair Bonny Ongura advised married couples to seek help in order to avoid such shameful incidents.

“I condemn both suicide and adultery. The deceased should have consulted his clan leaders or come to us if he was having domestic misunderstandings with his wife instead of taking his own life,” Ongura added.


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