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“She is my daughter”- MP Didmus Barasa responds to abuse claims on viral video with young girl at restaurant

In Summary

  • MP Didmus Barasa has dismissed claims of sexually harassing a girl at a restaurant.
  • He says she is his first and only daughter, and has no business defending himself before woman who filed a report on the same.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has dismissed claims of child abuse in a video that went round on the internet featuring him with a young girl.

“That is my firstborn daughter Chelsea Naliaka Didmus,” the legislator told TV47Digital.

The video surfaced earlier this week showing the Kimilili MP and a girl at a restaurant. Barasa was sitting hands folded while the girl seated beside him was helping him sip contents from a clear glass cup. After the second sip, she wiped off some dripping drink with a white tissue before “feeding” him again.

Online users chided him, accusing him of child abuse, sexual harassment and mistreatment.

Barasa reported by stranger

Consequently, an unidentified woman filed a report at Akilla Police Station in Nairobi’s South C estate. In a recording, she claimed that she took up the matter, having in mind the girl could be anyone’s daughter in the company of a legislator.

“There is a video that is doing rounds in social media that is involving the young girl of about 14-13 years old and evidently from that video, the child is being coerced by a senior public officer in this country to feed him with alcohol and also forcing the child to take something like busaa,” she said.

She opined that even if that was his daughter, the setup appeared all wrong.

“Members of the public are concerned about the action of this particular Mheshimiwa and it is a bad example. Really, that is a teenager and even if she is his daughter, I am not happy with the demeanor, the place they are seated and the child being forced to feed a whole big man with a jug of alcohol,” she added.

“It was tea!”

In his response, Barasa says Naliaka is his only daughter, with whom he spends much time. While dismissing her claims that it was busaa, a traditional brew, the MP says it was a cup of tea.

“She is a busy body who deserves no audience from me,” the MP added.


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