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Toddler shoots mother, 21, dead with father’s gun found in his backpack

In Summary

  • A father of two has been held responsible for his two-year-old son shooting his girlfriend dead.
  • The man had allegedly left his loaded gun inside the minor’s backpack.

A father of two has been arrested and charged over the death of his girlfriend who was killed by their son in Florida, United States.

During the August incident, Veondre Avery had allegedly left his loaded gun inside the two-year-old boy’s backpack which was lying on the bedroom floor.

At the time, the deceased Shamaya Lynn, was on a work video call when the minor apparently took out the weapon, stood behind her and fired one shot.

Death By The Gun

One of Lynn’s co-workers made an emergency call after she reportedly saw her fall backwards.

“One of the girls passed out…She has the camera on. Her baby is crying in the back,” she said on the emergency call.

Avery is accused of loosing storing his gun. PHOTO/COURTESY

When Avery returned home he found his girlfriend bleeding profusely on the floor. He contacted paramedics while explaining that he was not aware of what had transpired.

When medics came to their aid, they pronounced the 21-year-old dead.

Their two children were unharmed in the incident and are now under the care of other family members.

Meanwhile, Avery has been declared responsible for the incident by Altamonte Springs police officer Roberto Ruiz.

“Your decisions have consequences. You have a responsibility as a gun owner to take care of those firearms,” Ruiz said at a press conference.

The man has been charged with manslaughter which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. “Avery could also see 15 years of probation and a KSh1.1 million fine,” BBC adds.


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