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DCI’s juicy story on Kiambu fatal stabbing; Why some Kenyans are not convinced

In Summary

  • DCI says Evans Atuya was stabbed to death by Godwin Wanyama using the knife he had intended to harm him with.
  • “You didn’t witness any of that, did you? Everything you say here is Wanyama’s version of the story.”

Some hawk-eyed, details-oriented Kenyans on social media are poking holes into DCI’s version of events surrounding the killing of a suspected robber in Muguga, Kiambu County.

Evans Atuya, 35, died after being stabbed on the neck by his intended victim Godwin Wanyama.

According to DCI, Atuya and his two accomplices had raided Wanyama’s house in the wee hours of the night, wielding a knife.

They forced their way into the house by “knocking his door to the ground using a huge rock, rudely awakening him from his slumber. A scuffle immediately ensued as the thugs tried to subdue their victim. But a tactful Wanyama went straight for Atuya’s hand and dispossessed him of the knife,” writes DCI in its characteristic sensationalism. “Like a lioness whose cubs were under attack, he furiously went for the suspect’s neck and stabbed him as his accomplices took flight! The suspect only managed a few steps from Wanyama’s house, before he fell down and succumbed to the injuries caused by his own weapon.”

Officers from Muguga Police Station visited the crime scene “and confirmed that indeed Wanyama’s house had been broken into. Only door hinges and a few nails were still hanging loosely on the door frame, as testament that there once stood a door to Wanyama’s house.”

But lack of forensic evidence, or at least witness testimonies (only…”Neighbours whose sleep had been interrupted by the commotion came in their numbers to Wanyama’s aid, only to find that he had already arrested the situation”) has raised scepticism among some online sleuths.

“How did DCI come to the conclusion that the knife belonged to the robber?” poses Amos Kiragu, adding sarcastically. “Did it have his name on it?”

Atuya’s body was taken to Gachie Level 4 Hospital as detectives cautioned the public to avoid violent confrontations with thugs. They also say the arrest of Atuya’s accomplices is nigh.


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