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Alvin on partner guilt-tripping and infecting him with HIV and advocating for LGBTQ

In Summary

  • Alvin Okeyo was diagnosed with HIV a year ago and is now an advocate for protected sex mong LGBTQ members

Alvin Okeyo advocates for protected sex for members of the LGBTQ community. He tested positive for HIV a year ago and this inspired his career path.

Appearing on TV47’s Morning Cafe, he confessed to contracting the virus from a sexual partner. “He guilt-tripped me by questioning my trust.”

He was sharing his experience on the show hosted by Linda Alela. He said his biggest regret was that he tested positive three months after he started having sex “after staying celibate all those years.”

His however grateful that his condition has opened many doors for him, a curse turned blessing. He works for a community-based clinic where gay men access medical services.

He was in the company of Jane Gitau, a psychotherapist who insisted on the need of getting tested before intimacy. “HIV is like Covid-19, you can’t tell who has it and who does not. Don’t trust anybody because you don’t know who is infected,” she says.



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