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“Bitter” Mashujaa Day: Reuben Kigame criticises celebration of “thieves”

In Summary

  • Mashujaa Day is celebrated on October 20, every year.
  • Reuben Kigame, whose songs have played over the years at such celebrations, says Kenyans should begin acknowledging the “real” heroes.

While the Mashujaa Day, just like any other national event is highly anticipated, not everyone sees it in positive light.

Presidential hopeful Reuben Kigame, who is a renown gospel artist, says his work of art has gone unappreciated year in year out.

“I was given the OGW State commendation 11 years ago by Kibaki, the head of state I least interacted with. I no longer wear the medal in a country that uses my music in almost every national event but blacks me out of its media and crowns looters of the economy as heroes!” Kigame began.

The veteran artist who began producing music more than 30 years ago, says state commendations as well as some of the persons recognised on such days are undeserving.

“You pretend to want a better country but your tweets celebrate thieves and citizens who should be in jail,” the presidential hopeful claims.

During the 2019 Mashujaa Day, Kigame echoed the same words, where he penned down an open letter criticizing President Uhuru for “dishing out” state commendations to “thieves”and making the awards lose meaning.

The award-winning musician knows all too well the pain of not reaping what one sowed.

“No sooner had I received the award than my eyes were drawn to the monster in Kenya’s music room: piracy and daylight robbery of everything a musician got. You would be happier to be a musician elsewhere – indeed anywhere in the world – not my own beloved country Kenya,” Kigame said in the 2019 open letter.

For him therefore, it remains a plea to Kenyans to change the conversation and celebrate the “real” heroes.

“On this Mashujaa Day 2021 I urge you to be Shujaa enough by joining me in rejecting all the charlatans and destroyers of our economy and political order and crown those who are truly fighting for a better Kenya. It’s not about pomp and money but about integrity,” Kigame adds.

Mashujaa Day celebrations will this year be held at Wang’uru Satdium in Kirinyaga County. The event will be attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera will be the chief guest.


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