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“He sodomized and tried to kill me” man who ‘murdered’ priest tells court

In Summary

  • One accused person in the murder of a Catholic priest told the court he was sodomized by the deceased.
  • Their relationship allegedly began when he attended one mass and the Father took notice of him.

A man who had denied involvement in the killing of a Machakos Catholic priest has pleaded guilty.

The accused, Michael Muthinji Maingi pleaded for forgiveness before High Court Judge Lucy Njuguna on Thursday as he submitted his plea.

He claims his urge to kill the religious leader stemmed from an incident in September 2019. The deceased sought shelter at Maingi’s place in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, claiming it was late.

Additionally, that he could not drive to his destination (Machakos), as the terrain was rough. The “courteous” priest brought some goodies for the accused and the two shared supper. Customary to the premium treatment offered to men of the collar, Maingi hurriedly prepared a bath for Father Kyengo.

The priest is said to have proposed a drink first which he had already served in two glasses. Unalarmed, Maingi emptied his glass of juice only to start feeling dizzy before falling asleep within minutes.

When he regained consciousness at around 3:30 am, he felt pain emanating from around his anal area and felt watery discharge around his buttocks.

That is when he realized his juice was spiked and he had been sodomized. He confronted the deceased who was “seated next to him while naked and smiling”.

Father Kyengo casually said he went easy on him, as he knew Maingi was a first-timer.

How did they get to know the priest?

The two reportedly met in 2017 at Mbingoni Catholic Church during a seminar. They exchanged contacts and began communicating frequently.

Maingi claims they grew fond of each other, to a point where the priest would address him as “my dear” or “sweetheart”. He also catered for his college fees and provided all his basic needs.

The accused stated that trouble started when the father allegedly sodomized him during his first visit to his rented house at Gategi in Mbeere South.

”He told me he had every right to do whatever he wanted as I had no means of repaying him what he had done for me, ” Maingi told the court.

The priest left him some money and advised him to get some painkillers from a nearby pharmacy. He claims he felt so ashamed that he contemplated suicide.

After the accused called the priest threatening to expose him over the incident, Father Kyengo pleaded with him, saying his work would be affected. He promised to visit so they could resolve the matter amicably.

On October 9, 2019, at around 8:30 pm, the father came to his house drunk and insulted him for being poor man who needed his money with nowhere to run.

”Instead of asking for forgiveness, he came towards me and started caressing me. When I resisted, he held me by force and that is when we started struggling,” Muthini said before the court.

The priest took out a ‘blue-ish plastic bottle’ from his briefcase, opened it and told him to calm down since ”they were sharing the same statuses”.

Maingi said he realized the priest wanted to kill him to get rid of evidence as he hit him. He reached for the panga lying near him and struck the priest who was already strangling him.

”When I cut him, he released me and I thought he would stand but he was bleeding and within seconds he stopped breathing. That is when I realized that he was dead,” Maingi told the court.

Judge Njuguna ordered for a victim impact report on November 8, 2021 before setting the ruling date.


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