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‘Furious’ millionaire empties bank account over order to wear face mask

In Summary

  • A Chinese millionaire has vowed to withdraw all his savings after he was asked to wear a face mask.
  • On every withdrawal, he asks the bank staff to count the money by hand.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become common to be denied services in various institutions if you lack a face mask.

However, for a Chinese millionaire only identified as Sunwear, it is a “show of poor attitude.”

He allegedly visited the Bank of Shanghai for an unspecified agenda, when he got into an altercation with the security guard who told him to wear a face mask.

Furious, he withdrew KSh73.2 million, the maximum amount he could withdraw at that time, and ordered the bank staff to count each note by hand.

“The millionaire reportedly said he plans to go back every day until all his savings have been removed, with staff having to count it by hand each time,” The Mirror says.

Millionaire’s Viral Stunt

In their defense, the bank’s management said the incident was simply about a security guard asking the millionaire to wear a face mask.

Sunwear however regarded it as poor service delivery. “Because of this attitude, I can only withdraw all the money and put it in other banks. It was necessary to request them to count the cash in case it fell short,” he added.

Images of him stacking the cash and later leaving in a luxurious car have gone viral online. This has seen his following grow to 1.7 million.


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