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Police stumble upon naked men, women in wild goose chase

In Summary

  • Four people, including two naked men and women were chased by police on belief that they were thugs.
  • Ruai AP officers were acting on a call from a neighbour who had spotted their vehicle lurking suspiciously.

A false police alarm tends to take away police resources where they are actually needed. However, it is an officer’s duty to act on every alert received.

In one such instance, police officers stationed at AP Driving School in Ruai arrested four persons after a long chase along Kangundo Road on suspicion that they were armed robbers.

The Thursday evening incident stemmed from a neighbour’s call “informing them of a suspicious vehicle in the neighbourhood, whose occupants had unclear intentions.”

The three officers on duty approached the vehicle cautiously when they spotted four people rushing into a Ford Ranger double cabin and speeding off.

“Determined to establish the identity of the suspects and their mission, the three officers also went for their all weather Toyota Land Cruiser van,” DCI says.

Corporal Opiyo Asha who was driving kept close range with the speeding vehicle, while her co-driver Corporal John Okuga blared the siren, signalling them to stop but in vain.

Police ‘disrupt party’

The officers fired two shots at the car, deflating two of its tyres and bringing the chase to a halt. The fugitives including two men and two women all naked, came out of the car pleading for mercy.

“Sisi sio wezi,” pleaded one of the ladies.

DCI says the four, Vianney Kibet, Silvia Kasiva, Esther Karingari and Denzel Njiru were “probably celebrating the recently vacated dusk-dawn curfew.”

They spent the night at Ruai Police Station and their vehicle towed to the station.


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