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Policewoman kills lover, relatives to pocket KSh11 million insurance claims

In Summary

  • Rosemary Ndlovu, an ex-cop was found guilty of murdering her boyfried, sister, niece, nephews to claim their life insurance payouts.
  • She even attempted to murder mother and other sister saying she needed the money.

A policewoman has been found guilty of plotting the murders of her lover and five relatives with the aim of benefitting from their life insurance payouts.

Appearing before a South African court on Friday, Rosemary Ndlovu, 46, was linked to the murder of her boyfriend, sister, cousin, niece and two nephews between 2012 and 2018.

Furthermore, she was found guilty of attempting to murder her mother Maria Mushwana.

Ndlovu had allegedly nominated herself as the beneficiary for their insurance payouts, consequently pocketing KSh10.6 million.

In a narration of how the murders were rolled out, the prosecution told the court that Ndlovu employed hitmen to kill five of the victims, while she executed one by herself.

Her first victim was her cousin Witness Madala Homu whom she murdered in March 2012. From there, she took down one of her sisters Audrey Somisa Ndlovu, her boyfriend, niece then two of her nephews.

In Somisa’s case, which occurred in 2013, Ndlovu is said to have poisoned and strangled her.

Right before her scheme was exposed, she hired a hitman to kill Brilliant Mashego in January 2018.

Her hunger for money drove her to hire another person to allegedly murder her other sister and her five children. This was in March 2018.

The proposed hitman instead filed a report with the police, where they set a trap to listen in to her murder plot.

“Ndlovu was heard speaking about how she wanted the six to be burnt alive at home saying that she needed the insurance money,” Times Live says.

She was arrested and taken through a three-month trial this year, before being convicted of the murders.

The ex-cop apparently maintained innocence, claiming the 50 witnesses were giving false testimonies. However, the prosecution placed her at the centre of each incident.

“The accused was either the last person to see them alive or the first to notice that they were missing,” state advocate Riana Williams added.

Ndlovu’s sentencing will be delivered in November.


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