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American philanthropist claims Pastor Esther Wambui conned her KSh20 million

In Summary

  • She realized that contrary to claims that their orphanage supported 148 children, it appeared that she only had 18.
  • The ailing pastor insists that everything she has done with the donations was above board.
  • The fate of the orphanage now hangs in the balance as the court’s verdict awaits.

A US-based philanthropist who allegedly donated KSh20 million to a Kenyan orphanage run by Pastor Esther Wambui is seeking the government’s help to recover the funds.

Avis Goodheart claims the pastor, with whom she has been in partnership since 2018, has misused the funds after finding out she had falsely reported having 148 orphans while in reality, she was supporting 18 orphans.

“I sent her money lots of money and one of my sponsors to buy a piece of property because she wanted more gardens. She told me during the Covid-19 pandemic that the neighbors were starving and I sent her KSh33,000 a week till the end of January this year,” Goodheart states.

The matter will be proceeding to court, amidst Wambui’s allegations of assault by Goodheart and a counterclaim of having received KSh7 million only.

“I want to get an LCG I want her to put all the land, all the cars, the cows, the chickens she hasn’t sold because we bought everything and if they get that done we can start a new ministry and I hope they put Esther away from me,” the philanthropist adds.

They first met in 2017 when Goodheart came to Kenya to visit orphanages where she met Pastor Esther Wambui running one.

The Founder of Go Ye Ministries would proceed to rent a new house for a year, and came a year later and agreed to buy a 2-acre piece of land in Bingutwi, Isibania Migori County. She also reportedly helped raise funds to build Noah’s Boat Goodheart Children’s Home.

She claims in an interview with Citizen TV that things started going south when she was forced to go back home after the Covid-19 pandemic. She claimed that she sent Wambui more funds but she cannot account for them.

“Over the last 22 months I sent her lots of money, one of my sponsors gave her KSh2 million to buy her a car, that same week we sent KSh611,600 to buy a piece of property,” she laments. 

Despite the ailing pastor insisting that everything she has done was above board, the former Arkansas teacher accuses her of pocketing most of the funds.

“She told me during COVID there was drought and locusts and the neighbors were starving. In April, I started sending KSh33,000 a week up to the end of January. I find out that she pocketed the money.”

But Wambui now claims that there are people poisoning the philanthropist against her on grounds of her lack of education.

“Kumekuwa na marafiki zangu tu ambao wamekuwa wakidanganya huyo mzungu ati sina elimu naeza fanya aje maendeleo hivyo,” she added.

The fate of the orphanage now hangs in the balance as the court’s verdict awaits.


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