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Family confused as missing woman returns home 45 years later

In Summary

  • The first born daughter said their mother left 45 years ago.
  • The three siblings have decided to take a DNA test to know if she is truly their biological mother.

A woman who left her home about 45 years ago has finally been reunited with her “children.”

Teresia Kena arrived at her home in Kavaruka village, Manyatta constituency in Embu county last weekend.

Her three children who are now adults, have been residing in Nairobi and admitted ti being confused upon hearing of a woman’s return to their Kavaruka village.

They were strongly convinced that the mentally disoriented woman is their mother. They therefore decided to travel to their home in Embu to meet her.

Mysterious Woman

During an interview with a local media station, one of the old residents of Kavaruka village, Dennis Kathuri narrated how the long-lost woman showed up at his doorstep, claiming she was trying to trace her home since she left 45 years ago.

Kwa muda ya saa kumi na mbili jioni Jumapili, niliona mama mwingine alikuja akaniomba maji nikampatia, kisha nikamwambia aketi chini alafu nikampatia chakula akakula. Baadaye aliniuliza mahali pa kulala nikamwambia aende achukue vitu vyake alete. Alienda akaleta alafu tukakaa,” he said.

According to Emmaculate Gichuku, her eldest child, their mother left when she was nine years old, her brother who is the second born was seven, and their younger sister who was only two.

“In 1975, our mother dropped us off at our grandmother’s place and said she was going to the farm. That she will pick us in the evening but we didn’t see her until today,” narrated Gichuku.

Teresia Kena, woman who allegedly got lost on her way home 45 years ago. PHOTO/COURTESY

DNA Test

They said they have been looking for their mother for quite a long time but their efforts didn’t bear any fruits. Seeing the woman brought so much joy to their hearts.

“Our mother left when we were so young, we can’t recall her so well, we have asked our aunties to tell us if she is the one. Our aunties say she might be our mother. We are not even sure if she is our mother,” Gichuku added.

The three siblings have decided to take a DNA test to acertain whether that woman is truly their mother.


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