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Passaris intervenes as Kilimani housekeeper is locked up, son left out in the cold

In Summary

  • The woman was arrested after one of the tenants at the apartment lost KSh100,000 to a call girl.
  • Her son, 8, has been unable to access their house since Friday.

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has intervened to secure the release of a woman who was arrested by Kilimani police after allegedly being falsely accused of theft.

The woman’s eight-year-son has not accessed the house where he lives with the mother since last Friday.

The matter was first brought to Passaris’ attention by Twitter user JFK Mukadi. He attached a photo of the boy in school uniform outside the house, wearing a P.E kit and a school bag.

“The mom, a house keeper…..was locked up at #KilimaniPolice and they are demanding 30k to drop the charges she’s allegedly accused of..” writes Mukadi.

He says that one of the residents at the apartment, a foreigner, lost USD 1,000 (about KSh100,000) after a visit by a call girl. The call girl is said to be known to the caretaker, and together ” they set up the house keeper and had her arrested for the theft.”

Kilimani Police Mum

Mukadi says he visited the police station to try to secure the woman’s released. “The I/O (investigating officer) & D/OCS (officers commanding station) have refused my 10k bail.”

He says there is “totally no evidence linking this poor lady to the theft. Her innocent child is suffering and she might be in the cells for long. She can’t afford the 30k demanded by the police to release her.”

Passaris, answering to the cry, raised the matter with the Regional Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi.

“I await his advise and directive on the same. Thank you for highlighting the case & being a brother and sisters keeper. It shall be well. The truth will always set one free. Let us believe,” she says.

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