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Sensational claims fly as Governor Mutua, ex-wife Lilian battle erupts

In Summary

  • Lilian claims the Governor forcibly dispossessed her of a car, “fully registered in my name.”
  • She also claims to have lost her 45% shareholding of the famous A&L Hotel.

Lilian Ng’ang’a, the ex-wife of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has come out guns blazing with a slew of allegations against him.

In the presence of her lawyer Philip Murgor, Lilian released a signed statement that, she says, proves Governor Mutua is carrying through with his threat “to finish her and those close to her.”

The statement details a string of recent events allegedly orchestrated by Governor Mutua against her, and the seizure of 45% shareholding in a company they jointly owned. The company, Ndash Enterprises LTD, owns the famous A & L Hotel in Machakos.

“On repeated occasions and as recent as two weeks ago, I’ve seen Mr. Mutua state in print and social media that we are still friends, and our separation has been amicable,” begins the three-page long statement. “These are Mr. Mutua’s usual theatrics and lies. Mr. Mutua and I have not spoken since late August, 2021.”

She then narrates how a car “fully registered in my name since 2014” was seized by Mutua accompanied by his police bodyguard on September 8, 2021.

“Mr. Mutua accompanied by his police bodyguard, Martin Nzinghi arrived at my apartment parking lot at Kileleshwa, Nairobi, and without my knowledge or consent and using a spare key which he had illegally obtained, drove away my personal motor vehicle KBY 186G — a car which had been fully registered in my name since 2014. Mr. Mutua proceeded to fraudulently transfer the ownership of the car in the log book into his name, and thereafter sold the vehicle to a 3rd party.

“I filed a case which is pending in court so I will not comment further on it, except to ask the purchaser to be on notice that I maintain my claim to ownership. I therefore call for a criminal investigation into this serious criminal offence.”

the A&L Hotel in Machakos, whose parent company is Ndash Enterprises LTD. Lilian claims she owned 45% of the shareholding. PHOTO/FILE

Lilian also claims “Mr. Mutua recently and illegally transferred my shares in the Ndash Enterprises LTD (the hotel company) to his sister Ann Mbandi Mutua. Again, a clear act of fraud. At no point did I execute a transfer of my shares or otherwise transfer my 1800 shares (45%) shareholding in the company to him, let alone his sister. “

She also attaches documents that, she says, proves her case.

“Mutua Threatening Me”

In addition, Lilian claims that Mutua is threatening her.

She narrates an incident:  “At a meeting at the Windsor Golf and Country Club on 22nd September 2021, in the company of two mutual friends, and after the two criminal incidents, I requested him for a mature and amicable separation and reminded him that, after all, we were not married. Mr. Mutua angrily termed me as his Enemy No 1, and threatened to “crush me to ash”, as he takes away everything I have, and own. Indeed, this has already started as he has demanded that I refund any money he has ever given to me or made available for my use. He also threatened to harm persons close to me.

“He further demanded I apologize and retract the statements I’ve made on social media regarding our breakup, which I declined. He stated that he had offers from people to kill persons close to me, and threatened that he might indeed take up the offers to teach some of them a lesson.

“He arrogantly stated that he was a very important and powerful person in this country, and he can get away with anything and everything he has planned to do to me, and my friends. He added that his social media machinery is ready and waiting to “finish” me and my friends completely.

“On October 7th 2021, 1 filed a case in the High Court at Milimani for a restraining order because I believe my life, and those around me were in danger. Mr Mutua is fighting the Restraining Order by rubbishing my claims, and wants the case transferred to Machakos where he believes I will be too scared to step, as he can hire goons to bully and harass me, when I attend court.

“Mr. Mutua has gone to further falsely accused me of abusing drugs, and that I am being used by Governor Kibwana (who is Alfred’s Uncle) and HE Kalonzo Musyoka to bring him down politically – which is complete nonsense, as I have never interacted with the two gentlemen at a personal level.”

Lilian is appealing to police Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai and the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Hajji to “expedite the investigation and charge Alfred Mutua.”


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