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Jacque Maribe: “I want to be left alone”

In Summary

  • Jacque Maribe has put an end to the paternity test row with Omondi saying, “leave me alone”.
  • Maribe admits that both she and Omondi may have overreacted in handling the matter.

Former TV journalist Jacque Maribe has admitted she and Eric Omondi may have overreacted in the matter involving her son’s paternity test.

Taking to social media on Saturday, Maribe urged Kenyans to stop inquiring about the matter.

“This is the last statement I’ll make about this never-ending story. I want to be left alone. We overreacted. We might have been overwhelmed. Each of us will own our truths. There’s a child involved so let’s respect him. I can’t do this anymore. Tuwache tu (Let’s leave it),” the mother of one added.

Her post comes barely two days after she and Omondi publicly appeared to have made a truce. Their ‘handshake’ was mediated by Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu.

Maribe declines DNA test

In the video posted by Kabu, the erstwhile lovers said the truce followed an afternoon of swimming, eating, drinking and making merry.

“We apologize for our very inappropriate, immature and irresponsible outburst,” Omondi said at the time.

They two made headlines on the internet last weekend after Maribe allegedly accused the comedian of being a deadbeat father, after which Omondi declared he would like to have a paternity test done.

He went on to claim that for years he had been requesting for one although the journalist declined. Omondi said it was part of the reason why he wasn’t fully present as a father to the child.


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