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Lilian Ng’ang’a: “Why I broke up with Alfred Mutua”

In Summary

  • In an interview with a local publication, Lilian Ng’ang’a alleges Mutua is a “control freak.”
  • She says he tried to lure her back with the promise of a ‘white wedding.’

Former Machakos County first lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has revealed the reasons why she broke up with Governor Alfred Mutua.

Ng’ang’a alleges that Mutua “is a control freak” who “started feeling insecure and never wanted me to hang out with my friends.”

In an interview with the Saturday Nation, Lilian, who this week called a press conference and unleashed numerous volleys on her former lover, also says Mutua stopped her from pursuing a professional job.

“When I told him that I was going to get a job last year and actually be employed, it made him very angry. He said I was going to embarrass him by working, because it will look like he is not supporting me,” she says.

At the press conference, Lilian narrated the tribulations she has been going through at the hands of the Governor since their break-up. The allegations include forceful repossession of a vehicle from her Kileleshwa apartment, threats of physical harm, and transfer of shareholding in the parent company that owns A&L Hotel in Machakos.

Can of Worms

“The car he took from me is a Toyota Harrier, which has been my personal vehicle since 2014,” she alleges. Lilian adds that after their acrimonious break-up, which had been sugarcoated to appear amicable, Mutua bought her a new Toyota Land Cruiser in a bid to lure her back. “But I returned the car and told him it will not make me happy or resolve our issues.”

Lilian Ng'ang'a and Alfred Mutua TV47
LEARNED FRIENDS: Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a in happier times. She holds a Masters Degree in Project Management. “Why do a Masters and then don’t apply it? It makes no sense,” she says. PHOTO/COURTESY

Lilian, who holds a Masters degree in Project Management, pinpoints the crux of their separation to late last year when she took up a job in line with her professional training. “I would be very busy….I think he (Mutua), felt like he was losing his grip on me and that brought serious fights between us.”

After their separation, escorted with a ballad by Country crooner Roger Whittaker, the rumour mill was alive with stories about “eating forbidden fruits.” Lilian was photographed in the arms of singer Juliani (Julius Owino). The rumour mill ground further, about some happenings in Dubai.

Lilian Ng'ang'a and Juliani TV47
ROMEO AND JULIET: Lovers Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani (Julius Owino). The rumour mill began whirling, grinding facts-and reputations. PHOTO/COURTESY

“I don’t want to go into details about the other stuff over the years,” said Lilian in the newspaper interview. “People who know him know these things…Those are the main reasons I left Alfred.”

She adds that Mutua, while attempting to woo her back in August this year, promised a white wedding “and have my father walk me down the aisle. He told me to choose a date even if it was in a week’s time.”

How did the former lovebirds meet?

Schooled at Gathangari Primary School, Loreto Kiambu and later University of Nairobi, Lilian says she met Mutua in March 2011 while working as a cabin crew at Kenya Airways.

“I was working on a Mombasa flight and it was overbooked, so he gave his first class seat to Senator Mutula Kilonzo (now late) and sat at a jump seat at the cockpit.

“As a cabin crew, we are supposed to be nice to people. In that process, we exchanged greetings and when he was alighting, he gave me his card. He was to be in Mombasa for three days.”

At that time, Mutua was the Government Spokesman, married. He was in the middle of a bitter divorce from first wife  Josephine Thitu, though. The business card led to a candlelight dinner at Sarova Stanley, and later, after the divorce, co-habiting with Lilian at her apartment in Lang’ata.

“He would wake up from my small apartment to go to the office of the Spokesperson. He even launched his quest for Machakos governorship in the small apartment,” Lilian recounts.

Lilian Ng’ang’a, First Lady

Mutua won and the couple moved to Kileleshwa. She says being Machakos first lady accorded her a champagne lifestyle, complete with multiple opportunities for foreign travel and a designated Toyota Land Cruiser.

The romance blossomed. It birthed, not children, but the idea of investing together in a hotel. Lilian says the A&L Hotel idea was actually hers, mused from her experience as a front office staff and cashier at Safari Park Hotel.

“We started building the hotel in 2019….The construction was financed by a loan from Family Bank with Alfred and I providing our personal guarantees.”

She says this means she is liable for the outstanding loan. “I am a co-investor and business partner in the venture.”

So, was she married to Mutua or not?

“I cannot tell you but what I know is he did kúhanda ithígí (introduction) in 2019 and the next step would have been rúracio (dowry ceremony) and then the white wedding.”

As the public awaits for Mutua’s side of the story, Lilian moved to court yesterday to restrain her ex-lover (husband?) from reclaiming property, which she says, includes the Toyota Harrier and 45% shareholding in Ndash Enterprises Limited.

Ndash Enterprises owns the imposing A & L Hotel.


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