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SUNDAY MOTORING: Volvo brand makes a strong comeback in Kenya

In Summary

  • Influx of grey imports have placed the brand on the high table of ‘premium cars’ to consider.
  • Segment is dominated by German competitors BMW and Mercedes.

Luxury vehicle brands such as Volvo are steadily becoming popular and accessible, as many who work hard aspire for the finer things in life. This segment attracts the crème of the crop, the high fliers who want absolute comfort when being chauffeured around.

Apart from the traditional brands such Mercedes and BMW, we have witnessed quite a number of exotic vehicles such as Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Flying Spur and even Lamborghini Urus.

The question is what happens when you purchase a vehicle that has limited or no local support? Where do you get spare parts and service facilities to keep your car in tip-top shape?

We dive deep into one of the unique brands, Volvo, and give you tips on how to maintain and service it in Kenya.


The premium brand originates from the land of the Vikings. For years, Kenyans have loved the Volvo brand – from the 240GL of the early ’70s to the current S60 and XC90 models.

But the influx of grey import Volvo’s present a unique challenge to buyers as not so many spare parts dealers stock parts. However, quite a number of ingenious Kenyans have seen the gap and began importing spares (Service parts like plugs, filters, brake pads) and major engine components such as pistons, engine block, suspension and body parts from abroad.

Current grey imports share components with Ford vehicles as Volvo was owned by Ford under the Premier Automotive Group (PAG) in the 2000s. Ford shared all its platforms, engines and drivetrains on Volvo products hence compatibility is high. The Ford-Volvo relationship ended in 2008 when Ford sold the brand during the global economic recession of that time.

Where do I service?

The first port of call would be the authorised dealer (Amazon). However for those who prefer to service their Volvo’s outside the dealer, then there are a number of reputable independent service centres such as St. Austin’s, SACC Urban Auto and many others. They have state-of-the-art equipment and diagnosis machines to ascertain the mechanical condition of your Volvo, as well as conduct major repairs on the engine and drivetrains.

Make the Internet Your Friend

One can decide to purchase Volvo parts directly from the authorized dealer. However as we are living in the digital world, one can directly import service parts from Amazon, Ali Baba and e-Bay platforms. They offer complete range of these parts, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

If you need heavy complex parts like gearboxes,  cylinder heads, turbochargers then the some of the major grey parts suppliers in industrial area like Shamaz are able to source for you.

Innovative dealers and service centres like SACC Urban  Auto are also able to get specific parts delivered in five working days, thus eliminating longer downtime for your vehicle.


Volvo is a great brand and requires a lot of attention and care. If you’re thinking of getting a Volvo then worry not, support  is present and you can enjoy the lap of luxury the Swedish way.

-Trevor Lamenya


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