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Miguna – GoK pingpong continues as Solicitor General now speaks

Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto now says that lawyer Miguna Miguna will be issued with travel documents at the Kenyan embassy in Berlin, Germany, or Otawwa, Canada, to facilitate his return in the country.

In a letter to Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi, Ogeto said that his office had directed the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to issue Miguna with travel documents once he fills in the forms.

According to Ogeto, his office’s decision is based on the November 22 court order issued by Justice Hedwig Ong’undi, who directed the Canada-based Kenyan lawyer to obtain the documents from the Kenyan embassy in Berlin within 72 hours.

Miguna: ID is enough for me to travel

The tough-talking lawyer, however, insists that an ID card is enough for him to travel, as it proved that he is a Kenyan citizen.

According to Miguna, the office of the solicitor general wants him to “fill forms to regain citizenship, which I NEVER LOST.”

“Those shouting about “fill forms” are either genuinely ignorant, or maliciously driven. Court orders must be OBEYED. PERIOD.” Miguna says.

He further adds that when State operatives stormed his house with explosives and ‘abducted’ him, they seized his valid Kenyan passport.

When the court ordered he be issued with emergency travel documents, the lawyer says a Kenyan worker at the Embassy asked him for proof of Kenyan citizenship. “I showed her my National ID card. She demanded a “Certificate of Regaining Citizenship.”


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