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Is “squirrel teeth” the new trend as we head to 2022?

A new trend, “squirrel teeth”, is set to be the latest trend taking over the internet with people adding two long teeth to their original dentures to have a more feminine look.

On November 14, 2021, a Facebook user posted images of ladies with squirrel teeth with a caption, “Squirrel teeth for a more feminine look, now the latest fashion for the new year 2022, may God protect us.”

The trend, mainly aimed at females, involves adding teeth that resemble what you may expect to see on the wild animal (squirrel) that resides in trees.

An American red squirrel.

A Tiktok user posted a video reviewing the latest craze with the caption: “the new đź‘€ for 2022.”

Internet user shocked by the “squirrel teeth” “trend”

Comments to the posts were people expressing their shock at the trend.

“I’m deeply bothered by this. We are de-evolving, this I’m sure of. It’s a race to see who can be the most irritating and annoying looking person alive, I swear.”

“This is even worse than comically big surgically enhanced lips,” said some commenters.

The purported trend “squirrel teeth”. PHOTO / FACEBOOK

On Google, there has been an increase in search requests for “squirrel teeth” with auto-complete suggestions appearing for the same fashion trend.

As far as trends go, this is surely up there with some of the most bizarre we have seen in recent times.

However, rumours are swirling that it is just a hoax as a reverse image search indicated the project by makeup artist Lisa Michalik was part of a campaign for a vintage shop (Snowbunny) in 2020.

Although the images were real, they were out of context and did not represent a trend.


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