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Experts’ take on age-old dilemma among couples: ‘Is it our money or my money?’

Disagreements over money between couples is one of the leading causes of divorce. When they say that two become one after marriage, does this also include bank balances?

Pastor Ben Wa Migate and Psychologist Fraciah Kiunjuri explored this issue on TV47’s breakfast show Morning Cafe‘.

They discussed money and marriages, pre and post-nuptials and how to handle financial dissonance incase it arises. So, it it ‘my’ money or ‘our’ money?

“Why is it that we can share the same body but not finances?” poses Kiunjuri in response.

Women often say their money is theirs only what that of the husband belongs to them as a couple. It is a stereotype hardwired in African customs, whereby the man is deemed a provider. Some will say it’s even Biblical.

Psychologist Kiunjuri’s take: “Our culture has convinced us that it is the man’s job to provide yet we want equality. There is no problem with the woman taking up the role of providing but there is a problem when the man or the woman is not accountable for their money,” she said.

Pastor Ben urges men to be careful when nibbling at the domestic nest egg to entertain women who are not theirs. “These women tend to take all their money; ask men who once had properties before went bankrupt because of women.”

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