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Jamleck Kamau: Jubilee’s chaotic 2017 nominations behind Mt. Kenya region’s current political uncertainty

Former Kigumo Member of Parliament Jamleck Kamau says the current political divisions in the Mount Kenya region emanated from the bungled Jubilee Party nominations of 2017.

Kamau opines that the pre-election primaries did not produce the ideal leaders who could negotiate for the interests of the region.

He says the region is bedevilled by poor leadership, making it easy for the people from outside to come and sow division.

“In computer language we have GIGO which translates to ‘Garbage In-Garbage Out’. What we are seeing now is the output of the leaders we brought on board four years ago,” he says.

Kamau, who is eyeing Murang’a gubernatorial seat, says leaders from Mount Kenya should meet and chart the way forward on a united front before it’s too late.

“If we go to the elections divided, we should be ready to bear the consequences. Mount Kenya region has never been divided and as leaders, we need to get back to the drawing board and put our house in order.”

Kamau, who lost to incumbent Governor Mwangi Wa Iria in a hotly contested race in 2017, adds that Mount Kenya residents should not be forced to support a particular presidential candidate. Instead, they should be left to make their own decision.

Jamleck Kamau: Let the people decide

“Let people make their own decision. But they should be careful on who they pick because this shall determine the future of the region not only politically but economically,” he said. “We should not drag emotions into politics, let our decision be very sober and with clear conscious that we are going for someone who will represent our interests.”

The former legislator clarified that president Uhuru Kenyatta remains a key determinant on the political direction the region will take come 2022 general elections.

All the candidates eyeing the presidential seat have been making frequent visits to the vote-rich Mount Kenya region hoping to bag the over eight million votes.


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