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“Binge-eating can lead to blockage of fallopian tubes, infertility” – Expert

Many people who binge-eat do not realise that they have a problem until they consult a doctor. This condition starts as normal behaviour before it gradually becomes a disease.

Speaking on TV47’s Breakfast show ‘Morning Cafe’ Dr Rose John listed anxiety, hormones and stress as causes of the disorder. “You are not supposed to eat food that can fit in more than two cups in one seating,” she said.

“In as much as the disorder is not hereditary, parents train their kids into becoming a binge-eater when they force their children to finish a meal despite of their children insisting they are full.”

As we head to the festivities, Dr Rose warns people against the lack of self control and having food control them. Excessive feeding stresses the digestive system resulting to lifestyle diseases such as cancer.

Binge-eating and infertility

“There is no binge eating medication, it needs self control. You know you are binge eating when you have gases, or add weight. This results to insulin resistance which ends in Diabetes.”

“Binge eating also results to blocked fallopian tubes because excessive food looks for outlet channels,” she adds.

She advices people to practice intermittent fasting after holidays in case they eat excessively.

She also discourages people from consuming heavy meals in the evening while about to sleep. “People should consume light meals such as vegetables at night since they are not engaging in strenuous activities.”

In the event you will binge eat over the holidays and will need a detox remedy afterwards, you can reach her on 0723390411.


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