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Ex-Uganda’s VP: “I regret marrying; I’d rather have focused on making money”

If ‘Wonders never cease’ was a person, then it will Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya – former Ugandan Vice President.

Bukenya recently finalised his divorce to his wife of more than 40 years. But in an a sit-down interview, he not only said that marriage is overrated, but also insisted that it is a waste of time.

Prof. Bukenya married his wife – Dr. Margaret Bukenya – in September 1974. In 2019, however, the wife filed for divorce, accusing her husband of being a serial adulterer.

So adulterous was Prof Bukenya, according to the wife, that he left their matrimonial home in Ntinda and set camp in Garuga, Wakiso District.

While not objecting to the divorce, Bukenya told High Court Family Division that after 16 years of them mutually agreeing to separate, he has never lived a celibate life.

“Leave alone the things that you see out there that when you get married it is forever and ever. We had different lifestyles and realised we were not compatible hence agreed to separate, she is happy and I am also happy, a free man,” said Bukenya during the interview with  Sanyuka’s news vulture Natalia Ozie.

The former VP regrets his whole life. He says that if he was to go back in age, he would never get married. “I would spend my entire life and energy making money,” he stresses.

“When I was younger, I would wonder why some people were not getting married, I realised why later when I was married myself. I am sorry I hope what I have said does not cause me to be abused on social media but the truth is marriage is a form of trap and I do not expect anyone to expect me to get married even now.”

Bukenya: I can’t do without sex

While supporting her divorce prayers, Margaret listed 10 women who he allegedly slept with.

Former Vice President Gilbert hands Sheila Nnvanugni sums of money after her performance at a show. (PHOTO/File)

Some of the affairs have been highly publicised in the media, including that with popular musician Irene Namubiru and  Princess Sheila Nvanungi.


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