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Attempt at viral TikTok video goes horribly wrong as girl ends up in ICU with brain bleed, fractured skull

19-year-old Natasha Graham’s bid to hit TikTok fame ended with her friend in intensive care with a fractured skull and bleed on the brain after they tried recreating a social media prank in Sunderland, England.

Natasha, a newly-qualified driver, was behind the wheel as her friend gripped the front of the car as they attempted to create a video where a car was driven with someone on the bonnet.

However, the said friend lost her grip on to the front of the vehicle and ended up with serious injuries that put them in intensive care.

Graham has now been given a suspended prison sentence for the ‘immature but wholly irresponsible driving prank’.

Natasha Graham was behind the wheel of her Fiat 500 while her friend gripped on to the front of her vehicle in a supermarket car park in Sunderland last November.

TikTok stunt goes wrong

The court heard that the car, which had one other passenger inside originally reversed while the victim held on.

After coming to a stop, Graham attempted the maneuver again but this time she accelerated forward.

The victim was taken to hospital and treated in ICU for a fractured skull, bleed on the brain, and a fractured ankle, but has since made a recovery.

It had been suggested the noise of the engine may have surprised the complaint and led to the loss of grip.

The driver has now been ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work as well as being banned from driving for two years.


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