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River Enziu tragedy survivor recounts how she lost 10 family members, her lovely 6-year-old girl

Veronica Syombua, one of the survivors of River Enziu tragedy is mourning the death of 10 family members, among them her six-year-old daughter.

Syombua painfully narrates how the bus was just a metre away from crossing to safety when it hit an object, plunging into the swollen river.

“We were travelling from Nairobi in personal cars, an X-Trail and Noah. Upon reaching the river, we decided to move to the bus so that we could make it on time for the wedding. The plan was for car drivers to follow us later when the raging waters would have subsided,” she told TV47.

“In the bus, I was standing so I could see everything that was happening outside. We were a metre away from reaching the other side when the bus hit something and it started sinking.”

Submerged in River Enziu

“Upon the bus sinking, we were submerged in water and I knew this was it. Moments later, I realised I was outside the bus and my intuition just told me to float on water. I was lucky enough to be rescued local divers.”

The mother of two remembers seeing the lifeless bodies of her relatives after they were retrieved. “I saw my aunty’s and cousin’s bodies lying next to their children’s. My daughters body was also by itself… they were lifeless.”

The deceased’s families want the government to hasten the body identification process so that they can bury the bodies and find closure.


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