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Couple whose marriage was dismissed by sceptics celebrates 81st anniversary

Legendary American poet Emily Dickinson wrote, “The heart wants what it wants, or else it does not care.”

For the British couple of Ron and Joyce Bond, their hearts have “wanted” each other since 1941. They’ve just celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary.

Surprising, their union was initially disapproved by friends. At the time of exchanging vows, Joyce was 19, Ron 21. They were both unemployed. Sceptical friends dismissed it as an ephemeral teen romance.

Couple Cultivates Love

But they cultivated their alliance, Ron conscripted to fight in World War II whereas Joyce worked at Woolworths, a clothing store.

Ron and Joyce Bond british couple TV47
Till Death Do Us Part: No one thought the romance between the unemployed young adults would last. It did. PHOTO/COURTESY

“We never expected to reach 81 years of marriage, we know we are very fortunate to have achieved this amazing goal. It feels excellent! There is no boss in our relationship, we both give and take,” said Joyce, 100.

Their children now admit to drawing inspiration from their love. “My parents are a truly inspiring couple, not only to my brother and I but to their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren,” one of them, Eileen told Complex.

Message from the Queen

“You only have to spend time with them to know they love and care for each other, even after 81 years of being married,” she added.

From Buckingham Palace with love: The message to the couple from Queen Elizabeth. PHOTO/COURTESY

No less a personality than UK’s Queen Elizabeth sent the couple a congratulatory note: “How wonderful to learn of your eightieth wedding anniversary on 4th January, 2021. I do hope you enjoy this marvellous occasion,” she said.


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