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Bolt driver in viral confrontation with skimpily-dressed riders says he won’t press charges

In Summary

  • Kevin Ireri claims he heard funny noises coming from the back seat. He turned and saw the riders in a steamy, make-out session.
  • The driver, whose four-year Bolt account has been suspended faults the company’s disciplinary system.

A cab driver who became social media’s trending topic in the wake of shocking video footage of him being assaulted by three rowdy ladies over the weekend has finally spoken.

In an exclusive interview with TV47 Digital, Kelvin Gitonga Ireri alias ‘Binto’ shed light on the viral clip that has been doing rounds since early Sunday morning.

In the phone-recorded clip, a stunned Binto who works for ride hail company Bolt is heard lashing out at the short-dressed, inebriated trio who were pelting him with stones and scornful remarks.

What Transpired?

The bespectacled driver revealed that the altercation happened on September 10. At exactly 9:27pm he received a ride request outside Black Diamond, Westlands. The riders were heading to a nightclub in La Viva Spur Mall.

FILM ME I FILM YOU: Binto exchanged words with the riders. A rock, and epithets, were flung towards him. PHOTO/VIDEO GRAB

He says the female passengers hopped in to the backseat and immediately began making out, noisily. “They started kissing and doing all that lesbian stuff..Nikawauliza Bolt imewalipisha pesa ngapi kufanya hii vituko mnafanya kwa gari? Wakanambia wataniongezea pesa nkasema ‘I don’t tolerate such nonsense in my car’,” Binto recounts.

An argument ensued between the driver and his clients. Binto demanded that the two ladies behave appropriately whereupon one of the riders reached for an envelop in Binto cars and tore its contents into pieces.

To prevent the situation from escalating further, Binto says he ended the trip on the Bolt application and ask the riders to request for a different cab. The heated confrontation morphed into a physical altercation.

Sasa apo ndio walishuka,mawe izo zikaanza na matusi…nikamuuliza mbona umeniraruria documents zangu?…that Leah akani manhandle but I didnt do anything to her nika evade…wakanitusi, wakarusha mawe mingi…wakanirecord waniweke social media ,nikaona sasa wacha pia mimi ni record clip.. isikue one way,” recounts Binto.

The trio then requested for a different car and left. Binto reported the matter at Parklands Police Station but says he won’t press any charges. PHOTO/VIDEO GRAB

Binto Won’t Press charges

The taxi driver reported the matter at Parklands Police Station and was issued with an OB number at 10:11 pm.

In spite of the costs to replace his torn documents -including a driver’s license, Binto says he will not press any charges against the trio as “he has sisters too.”

“Hao ni wasichana wa watu. Pia mimi nikona sister anaweza mess kidogo and then this thing inaweza enda imfunge imuharibie maisha.”

Bolt Distances Self

The frustrated driver who has since had his four-year-old Bolt account suspended in the wake of the Friday night incident has asked Kenyans to support him by hiring him.

On the oft-reported cases of driver-rider conflict, Binto decried Bolt’s action of finding fault with drivers without giving them a prior forum to be heard.

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