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Gospel singer Jimmy Gait quits music

Gospel artist Jimmy Gait has announced that his music career is coming to an end.Gait said he is retiring from music but after releasing his last song, which he shot while receiving treatment in India. “I will announce what to move to next after releasing the last song, which was shot in India,” Gait told […]

Bridegroom carries bride on hand cart in fashionable wedding

Wedding ceremonies for the elite are always lavish and grand while some people chose simple and subtle events. However, for Sam Soko and his bride, Miriam Christiana, sleek rides were not in their plans with Soko deciding to carry his wife on a hand cart. The private wedding took place over the weekend with the couple […]

11 little-known uses of alcohol besides just drinking it

While alcohol is famous for drinking, there are a few other things that it can be used for. If taken in moderation, some types of alcohol have been known to lower chances of diabetes, fight the common cold and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. However, next time you visit a liquor store, buy alcohol with […]

10 mistakes made by fresh graduates searching for a job

Graduation is one of the most important moments of anyone’s life. However, if you are a fresh graduate, there are some assumptions and expectations you have about the job market that might be false. The excitement after you graduate with your first diploma or degree can tempt you to think that the process of job […]

Water birth: Benefits and what to expect

There are a variety of birth options today such as water birth where the pregnant woman is submerged in water. This water birth will happen in a special and sterilized pool filled with warm water. Here are the benefits and what you need to know about water birth: Benefits of water birth It is relaxed: […]

Sickness symptoms you should never ignore in kids

Being a parent is an interesting phase in life. You watch them grow from the day they were born and it’s unfortunate that it’s not easy to know when they are ill. It’s every parents’duty to identify that but it may not be easy because they are very playful. Here are some of the symptoms […]
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