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Why men need more than one wife

Marrying more than one wife was something that African men embraced in the past until they adopted monogamy, which they have been failing at terribly. Some men have chosen to break away from monogamy and marry other wives openly while others stick to one wife and have affairs with other women privately. Here is why […]

7 tricks to appear ‘smart’ during meetings

Translate percentage metrics into fractions If someone says something like 25% of users click on this button, quickly add “so about 1 in 4” and make note of it. Everyone will nod their heads in agreement and will be impressed by your quick math skills. 2. Encourage everyone to take a step back There comes […]

Why Bob Collymore’s boys club is the ultimate friendship goal

The late Bob Collymore’s ‘Boys Club’ has been termed by many as squad goals. His ‘boys club’ consists of CEO, millionaires and even billionaires. Prominent media personality Jeff Koinange, businessman Ally Khan Satchu, Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo, politician Peter Kenneth, Scangroup CEO Bharat Thakrar, British High Commissioner Nic Hailey, Kenya Commercial Bank CEO […]

What you need to know about women in love

Research done by the University of California, San Francisco shows that women in love tend to be much more in touch with their emotions but sometimes let out those emotions. It shows that women in real love, make love with their heart, the moment they feel you are giving their bodies to other people, the […]

Four reasons why transparent cars will flop in Kenya

The first transparent car was manufactured by a German company by the name ZF. While unveiling the car, the manufacturers said it is made of durable glass and is equipped with different security systems. The car might have been a big hit in Europe but might face numerous challenges in Africa, specifically in Kenya. Below […]

5 things that perfectly sum up #UtapeliStarterPack

For the last few days, Social Media has been awash with the fake scams that have dragged the names of popular personalities and politicians in the mud. This is even as Kenyans are constantly being warned to look out for fraudsters who seem to be eating life with a big spoon but are neck-deep in […]


Watch proverb from the Teso Community. Which proverb do you know from your community? Share with us using #TV47KE #TheHomeofUntoldstories

Luo proverb

Here is today’s proverb and it’s from the Luo community. Share with us a proverb you know from your community and what it means using #TV47KE #TheHomeofUntoldstories

#JuaCountyYako: Untold Facts about Tana River County

In today’s County Facts we focus on Tana River County. Are you from Tana River County? What are the Untold facts about your county? #TV47KE #TheHomeofUntoldstories #JuaCountyYako
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