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“Women of my ilk are better off with older men”-Devine Kemunto

In Summary

  • She was born with congenital deformity but is bubbly and full of life.

Devine Kemunto has seen it all. Born with a dislocated hip and deformed feet, she survived a gas fire in her teens, which left her permanently scarred.

To cap it all, she has been through the roller coaster of dating and relationships, further scarring her soul. But she has often always emerged wiser.

“From my experience, an older person is better (as a partner) for a disabled person,” she says. “Dating life has been so hard. When I hear disabled people say they are happily dating, there is something they are hiding.”

Kemunto Beyond The Limit

Devine was speaking on TV47’s Beyond The Limit show. The show is aired every Saturday at 7:30pm. She spoke fluidly, her words weaving a tale of immense self-love amid rejection, even from people she referred to as friends and family.

A guy she used to see started by treating her well, but later confessed that he was gay. “He made me feel great but it was a relationship full of lies,” says Kemunto.


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