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Education CAS clarifies controversial statement on banning journalists from schools

Education Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia has cleared the air on his controversial statement on the banning of journalists from visiting public schools.

Speaking to TV47Digital on phone Kinuthia said, “our schools are out of bounds for members of the public and journalists are not excluded. If you want to cover a story, you must seek clarification from the headteacher who may consult the Ministry of Education.”

Quote Out of Context

Kinuthia, who is on a tour of the coastal region, had reportedly directed that all journalists must seek prior permission from the Ministry of Education. The quote was taken out of context, as to reflect a draconian move in the ministerial docket headed by the no-nonsense Prof. George Magoha.

“This is an exam term. We cannot allow just everyone to visit the schools, not only because this exposes children to higher risks of infection but also to examination malpractices. This term, schools are out of bounds,” said CAS Kinuthia.   

Support from Magoha

Schools countrywide re-opened this week after nine months of closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. CAS Kinuthia’s sentiments have been bolstered by Prof. Magoha who said, “. “I want to persuade you ladies and gentlemen (media) to most kindly keep away from schools. Not completely because I have a team out there and have the capacity to carry the media into schools so that they are your chaperons. This is because the examination matter is a very serious matter.”

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