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Some Kenyan women likely to suffer from secondary trauma after female driver’s viral video – Experts

Kenyans are still reeling from the disturbing viral video of a female motorist who was sexually assaulted by bodaboda operators along Wangari Maathai Road, Nairobi.

Based on social media reactions, it is safe to say that a section of Kenyans are irked by the behaviour of bodaboda operators in the country, sparking a national debate of how the industry is run.

Experts now say that some people may get traumatised by the video just by watching it.

Speaking on TV47’s breakfast show ‘Morning Cafe’, Counselors Leah Gichia and Midevah Deborah referred to this type of trauma as secondary.

“So many people, especially women, are experiencing secondary trauma right now in this country. It comes about when you have not gone through something but you have seen someone else experiencing it so you become completely traumatised,” says Midevah.

Bodaboda operators arraigned in court

In the disturbing video, the mob is seen ambushing the horror-stricken lady who helplessly screams with nobody seeming to help her. They also broke windows of the car.

32 bodaboda riders have so far been arrested and arraigned in connection to the incident.

Police have been given more time to detain the suspects as they finalise on their investigations.

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